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With no harmful tars building up in your lungs or byproduct gasses, E-cigarettes are quickly becoming the favored nicotine delivery system. No offensive odors, no ashes, no more whiny complaints from bystanders. If you've tried but can't seem to quit your nicotine habit, this just may be your best healthiest solution.

Water pipes

Grav Labs, Pure, ROOR, Illadelph, Phat Tubz, ZOB, PhX, Governmint, Tsunami, Blown, Blue Dot, and ZONG just to name a few. We also have a large selection of generics to choose from.


For the health conscience smoking enthusiast. We have many to choose from to fit any budget. Table top or hand held, portable or stationary. Whether you need an herbal or concentrate utilizing model, we got it.



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